Finglas – Dublin Airport 220kV power line

EirGrid is building an electricity link called the East-West Interconnector between the electricity grids of Ireland and Britain. The Interconnector will help to ensure Ireland always has enough electricity to meet your needs into the future. It can also be used to export any excess energy that is produced here to markets in Britain.

The Project involves the laying of a 400kV electricity cable between Shotton and Barkby Beach, North Wales, across the Irish Sea, and between Rush North Beach, Co. Dublin and Woodlands, Co. Meath, Ireland.Richard Nolan Civil Engineering are involved in the installation of 20 km’s of ducting overland between Ashbourne Co. Meath and the convertor station at Woodlands and involves the laying of 2no. 200mm ducts at 250mm centres, to carry the cable, and a smaller duct in which a fibre optic cable shall be placed. The project requires significant traffic management and an extremely high standard of Health and Safety and Quality.

Dardistown ro Finglas 220KV Cables, trenching & ducting contract

The works comprise of the excavation of 9km of trench, ducting, backfilling and reinstatement of for a 220 kV circuits together with communication ducting, construction of joint bays, communications chambers and cable lubricant/bentoniting pits, filling of ducts with bentonite mix after cable installation and related works. The circuit commences on the Old Airport Road at a point 100m west of the junction with the R132 at Collinstown Cross. The route terminates at Finglas 220Kv Station at Dublin 11. The total length of trenching is approximately 9.9km comprising two trenches 7.2km and 2.7km long respectively. Reinstatement of Roadways including the planning off and overlay of 17,000m2 of 40mm HRA with pre coated chips. Installation of Bentonite mixture in 27,000 m of pipe by pump.